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Most Dangerous Dog Breed

The 3 Most Dangerous Breeds of Dogs

Animals are considered as one of the greatest companions of human beings. Many people have their individuals choices in terms of keeping animals as pets. Although some of the animals are the classic pets of humans. Dogs do top the list for the matter of loyalty and generosity towards their masters. However, it is a mere myth of the barking nature of the dog. Some of the breeds are soft and do not bark unnecessarily. However, some bark on the top of voices and considered as dangerous breeds.



There are different breeds of dogs segregated in term of looks and functionality. Some of the dangerous dogs to date are-

  1. American Pit Bull: It is a significantly ferocious breed comprising of all the capability of killing their foes at one stroke. Any loopholes in the training process can be fatal to the owners or the passer-by. The latest records say it is considered among the prohibited breeds in America.
  2. Caucasian Shepherd: It tops the list of dangerous dogs. The breeds grow comparatively large with a weight of 50 kg. It is a Russian originated breed generally uses as guard dogs for the protection of livestock in the mountain regions.
  3. Pitbull: It is counted among the strongest reeds of dog. There are many significant human attacking cases registered in its name. The breed is the ultimate result of energy and agility bringing the ferocious point of the dog.
  4. Rottweiler: Rottweiler has a wild fearsome look. They are intelligent at the same tile aggressive in nature. The Rottweilers are held responsible for half of the animal attacks in the US.

The dog is on the intelligent creatures among all the existing creatures. Some have the significance of overloaded cute looks while some make their fighting aspects strong. The 3 dogs mentioned above are considered a significant attacker. Improper training may lead to unexpected dreadful results.